Hello and a very warm welcome to you!

I'm Carissa, a writer and editor with a deep delight in a good story. Growing up the eldest of five kids in inland suburbs might, I suppose, have had something to do with this. We were the sort always busily establishing secret societies, digging underground mazes, learning Tolkien elvish, and reading, always reading. Extensive imagination, unthought of adventure, and impossible dreams are the parental encouragements of my earliest memories onward. My shelves testify to this and remain an ever-expanding literary feast, crammed with all the beautifully timeless tales that have, over time, rooted truth and whispered faith to my craving heart. 

So if there's one thing you must know about me, I suppose it's that I'm the sort who firmly believes stories to hold a divine ability to draw a frame of faith in our souls. A frame so grand and inspiring and true, that it is ever swaying us toward courage to hope in the beautiful unseen as well as the grit to fight for it while we must. We ourselves, after all, live in a grand story penned by the Author of all within the paper walls of time as well as beyond them, so it seems natural to me that stories would hold some beautifully intricate part in the matter.

My own current bookmark in this grand story finds me elbows deep in motherhood - my set of mischevious littles loves always challenging me in some new (or common) way and yet sweetening life in the best of ways in the very same moment. Sweeter still is the very dear to my heart Mr William Holzer, whose wise and enduring love daily draws me a nearer to the great Author Himself.

I'm not all serious thought and eccentric vocabulary, I promise.

Some claim I'm a bit of a health nut, which I suppose is true - I stubbornly point it in the direction of the hazards in residing on the California coast. My guilty pleasures are the all too predictable caffeinated beverages and good chocolate alongside not so predictable Korean variety shows and brick toast. To each their own. Frankly, you could say I'm living a life I never fully anticipated - well cared for in a lovely area with a family, spending too much money and eaing too much expensive cheese. I once held a one way ticket and a place to call home in the not so glamorous part of Asia before the twists and turns of the master pen placed me here. William laughs at my could have been life every time I brandish a credit card, I simply brush it off with an "only God knew." It's too true, and I'm content in that.

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